Google Maps glitch

There is an issue with the Google Maps component; users who submit their locations are reporting that the map marker does not appear on the Class Map right away.

I am not entirely sure why this is, I think that it just takes a while for Google Maps to update. A couple of things may help:

  • Submit only one marker.
  • Try using proper capitalization where appropriate.
  • When you submit a marker, you only need to fill in your City/Town and ZIP Code. If you are overseas, you should also submit your Country.
  • Filling in more information such as your street name will make the marker location more precise (Note: this information will also appear on your marker.)
  • After you submit your marker, try refreshing your browser, closing and reopening your browser window, or restarting your browser.

I check all Google Map markers that are submitted to make sure that they work. So if your marker doesn't show up right away, please be patient and I'll check on it as soon as possible.