Welcome, Class of ’97! What should we wear to the reunion?

Hey Class of ’97, welcome to our new blog for our ten year reunion, which is taking place Saturday, August 18 at 6pm at the Radisson Hotel in Dublin. (that’s tomorrow!) We are temporarily switching from our previous home page to make it easier for people to post comments without logging in.

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Now for the frivolous topic at hand, a couple of people have asked, “What should we wear to the reunion?” On our invitations, we said that the dress code was “casual to semi-formal”, which admittedly was not very specific.

Whether you’re attending the reunion or not, comment on this important topic. What DO you think we should wear to the reunion?

7 thoughts on “Welcome, Class of ’97! What should we wear to the reunion?”

  1. I am not able to attend the reunion but would have liked to see you all. Anyone up for meeting before, after, or the next day at a place that is free? As for the dress code, I would go with nice casual I think. It is best to wear what makes you comfortable. Have fun and maybe I will see you all around Dublin…Tammy

  2. I’m wearing a dress. I’m not going to worry too much about what to wear. It did say semi-formal/casual. I just can’t wait to see everyone! I think it will be a blast!

  3. I had a great time tonight with everyone. I really hope it isn’t another ten years before we can all get together.

  4. I had a great time it was incredible to see how well everyone was doing. I want to say thanks to Amy and Jackie for putting together a special night. It was great to see everyone and I can’t wait for our 20 year reunion. But for now I am returning to phoenix where it is nine thousand degrees!!! OWWEEEE. I hope everyone had a great time as I did!!

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