Welcome early adopters

To my fellow classmates visiting this site and those who have already registered, welcome! This is the defacto site for the DHS Class of '97's 10-year reunion. This site continues to be a work in progress, so don't be surprised if you see new features mysteriously appearing on the site.

I started building this site because I love reading community blogs and wanted to take a shot at creating one based on the collective contribution of our class. The ultimate goal for this site (besides figuring out the reunion details) is for it to be filled with photos and memories submitted by YOU. It's been a while since we've last talked; we want to know what you've been up to, what you think of those crazy times (good or bad), and even what you look like!

In that spirit, I'd like to ask a few favors of you after you register:

  • Add a portrait of yourself in your profile (so that we're not talking to a bunch of blank heads!)
  • Invite friends from our class to visit this site
  • Post a blog about yourself (about high school, your life, whatever you want us to know)
  • Upload pictures to the gallery: a high school era picture and a post-high school picture
  • Map your location on the map (you only need to list your city and zip code; include your country if you're overseas)

Contact me if you have any questions or need help with this site. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with you all!