Missing Classmates!

This is a list of classmates we either haven't found or who have not yet registered on this site. If you know how to contact one of the people on this list, by all means invite them to join this site. And if one of them is you, what are you waiting for, sign up already!

These names are compiled from the official school roster. If you think somebody was left off, it was not intentional, just let us know.

Allen, Christian

Andish, Shamsia

Anglin, Adam

Anrig, Deandra

Aranda, Ricardo

Aranda, Rosa

Barnett, Eunice

Beretta, Bryan

Berry, Nickolas

Britton, Donald

Brown, Paige

Bunio, James

Burdock, Brett

Cardoza, Christopher

Cash, Jonah

Dhaliwal, Ravneet

Ellazar, Averie

Fedore, Carolyn

Fiel, Evangeline

Gaddi, Irene

Gilman, Daniel

Guevara, Jeffrey

Higley, James

Hunter, Melissa

Jackson, Maysha

Jemo, Brian

Kalirai, Hirdepreet

Locus, Kathryn

Loiseau, Tasha

Manske, Jennifer

Marques, Camila

McKinney, Michael

Monroe, Earl

Moran, Sean

Morrison, Douglas

Ngo, Nga

Nichols, Ahniwake

Odums, Demetres

O’Guinn, Lance

Parker, Ryan

Phillips, Todd

Phoumphavanh, Pouton

Po, Edward

Rabeneau, Christine

Rangel, Nicholas

Resendiz, Jose

Risner, Chad

Ruiz, Tatiana

Santos, Alyssa

Schneider, Casey

Sharma, Manjula

Shergill, Ratinder

Simms, John

Simone, Joel

Smith, Richard

Sountalavong, Pientong

Steffanauer, Shaun

Tao, Diem

Thomas, De’drienne

Turina, Ekaterina

Vo, Son

Wadleigh, William

Walia, Ramneesh

Wassel, Hawesta

Werner, Justin

Whitaker, Kenneth

Wise, Richard

Wuepper, Robert

Zekman, Michelle

Zelaya, Xiomara

Google Maps glitch

There is an issue with the Google Maps component; users who submit their locations are reporting that the map marker does not appear on the Class Map right away.

I am not entirely sure why this is, I think that it just takes a while for Google Maps to update. A couple of things may help:

  • Submit only one marker.
  • Try using proper capitalization where appropriate.
  • When you submit a marker, you only need to fill in your City/Town and ZIP Code. If you are overseas, you should also submit your Country.
  • Filling in more information such as your street name will make the marker location more precise (Note: this information will also appear on your marker.)
  • After you submit your marker, try refreshing your browser, closing and reopening your browser window, or restarting your browser.

I check all Google Map markers that are submitted to make sure that they work. So if your marker doesn't show up right away, please be patient and I'll check on it as soon as possible.

News from A to Z

Taken from the DHS 1997 Yearbook, news headlines from A to Z:

  • A: Affirmative action laws repealed, voters in California voted to stop this program

  • B: Bombing of the Summer Olympics in Atlanta

  • C: Cosby's son murdered near Los Angeles

  • D: Disney's Mainstreet Electrical Parade ended

  • E: Ebonics, Oakland school board started a controversy by voting to include the teaching of ebonics

  • F: Fire at the Oakland Coliseum

  • G: George Burns died at the age of 100

  • H: Herb Caen, San Francisco columnist, died

  • I: Inauguration, Bill Clinton became the last president elected in the 20th Century

  • J: Jon Benet Ramsey, a 6 year old "beauty queen," was murdered and made front page news

  • K: Knee surgery for President Clinton

  • L: LeAnn Rimes became a 14 year old superstar when she won the Grammy

  • M: Madonna had a baby

  • N: Newt Gingrich is reelected as the speaker of the House, amid ethics investigation

  • O: O.J. Simpson was found responsible for two murders in his civil trial

  • P: Princess Diana and Prince Charles officially divorced

  • Q: Quest to follow Earhart launched by female pilot

  • R: Rapstars TuPac and Notorious B.I.G. died

  • S: Starwars, the movie, returned to the big screen

  • T: Tickle-me-Elmo became the must-have toy

  • U: United Nations voted to send peace-keeping troops to war weary Bosnia

  • V: Value Jet crashed in the marshes of Florida

  • W: William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet became a popular movie

  • X: X-Files, a popular television show, won the Golden Globe Award

  • Y: Yosemite closed due to heavy flooding

  • Z: Zebra was born to a horse due to cloning experiments