A Mindblowing Reunion Experience

It’s been less than 24 hours since last night’s reunion, and my mind’s still spinning over the whole experience. To see the people we grew up with, in some cases since elementary school, together in a room after a ten year absence . . . all I can say is wow, unbelievable. I literally felt like I traveled back in time.

A huge THANK YOU to everybody who came; whether you showed up early for dinner or in the wee hours of the night, it was really you guys who made this reunion special.

More post-reunion wrap-ups to come. In the meantime, post your experience at the reunion, whether it was awesome or awkward, let’s hear about it. Also I’d love to hear a reportback on the after-party at Gallagher’s. Thanks again!

– Amy

[Update 8/21/07]: For those who couldn’t hear anything from the Radisson’s crappy microphone (sorry about that), here’s a list of our winners from Saturday night:

Self-nominated Award Winners:

Soizick Jaffre – Traveled the Furthest for the Reunion
Rachel Ranieri – Most Anticipated Appearance at the Reunion
Marisa DeMateo – Most Gregarious
Daniel Brodigan – Best Hair
Albert Daniel – Greenest Thumb
DHS Class of 97 (true identity unknown) – Best MySpace Page
Bryan Vann – Most Likely to Tumble Out of a Bus, Then Immediately Get Up and Say, “I’m Okay!”
Jordan Lamb – Most Likely to Say “I Love You Bro! Give Me a Hug!” During a Night Out
Lenny Douglas – Most Likely to Take Off Running in the Middle of a Party, Without Any Explanation as to Why He Did It
Paul Ruiz – Most Likely to Snap a Photo of You When You’re Assed Out After a Night of Clubbing

Katie Tracy Narron – Most Likely to Award Herself an Award (to be awarded post-reunion)
Laurel Witham Brennan – Cutest Kids (to be awarded post-reunion)

Raffle Prize Winners:

Alesha Gartner – BBQ Set (courtesy of Eleina Tayo)
Daisey Aydelott Lynam – Pop Art Toaster (courtesy of Amy Lam)
Kanwardip Mann – Margarita Glassware (courtesy of Eleina Tayo)
Sean Ogilvie – Blockbuster Gift Set (courtesy of Angela Clarke)
Lenny Douglas – Blockbuster Gift Set (courtesy of Angela Clarke)
Brendon Chapman – Plant Design by Cactus Island (courtesy of Albert Daniel)

Virtual Reunion Blog – Open Thread

Welcome to our new blog for our ten year reunion, which is taking place Saturday, August 18, 2007 at the Radisson Hotel in Dublin, California! We are temporarily switching from our previous home page to make it easier for people to post comments without logging in.

–> You can still access our Official DHS Class of 97 website here.

–> Need to reserve tickets? It’s kind of late, but we’ll take your money at our PayPal link here.

:: :: ::

This is an open thread for the Dublin High School Class of 1997 Ten Year Reunion, which is happening today! Everybody is welcome to post comments and messages for the class, whether you are attending the reunion or not. If you are unable to attend the reunion, join us online!

Welcome, Class of ’97! What should we wear to the reunion?

Hey Class of ’97, welcome to our new blog for our ten year reunion, which is taking place Saturday, August 18 at 6pm at the Radisson Hotel in Dublin. (that’s tomorrow!) We are temporarily switching from our previous home page to make it easier for people to post comments without logging in.

–> You can still access our Official DHS Class of 97 website here.

–> Need to reserve tickets? Use our PayPal link here.

:: :: ::

Now for the frivolous topic at hand, a couple of people have asked, “What should we wear to the reunion?” On our invitations, we said that the dress code was “casual to semi-formal”, which admittedly was not very specific.

Whether you’re attending the reunion or not, comment on this important topic. What DO you think we should wear to the reunion?

Happy Holidays!

I’d like to wish everybody in the Class of ’97 a very Happy Holidays and New Year! Or as the local radio commercial puts it, a very Merry ChristmasDiwaliKwanzaaHannukahLasPosadasWinterSolstice (or something like that).

Just curious about what folks are planning to do this winter. I’ll be in the Bay Area shuttling between my fiancé’s house So. SF and my lovely home here in Dub-town. For you out-of-towners, do you still have family in Dublin whom you plan to visit?

Wherever you are, have a lovely time and I hope to see you next year!

Your Favorite High School Movies?

In the interest of promoting idle chatter on the DHS site, Thinking about this reunion has conjured up some anxious thoughts in me. I keep imagining that something similar to what happens in the movies will happen at the reunion.

Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion is the only movie I can think of that deals directly with class reunion (incidentally, this movie premiered in 1997). You may remember that our senior prom anthem was the theme song “Don’t You Forget About Me” from the teen angst movie The Breakfast Club. Peggy Sue Got Married, Ten Things I Hate About You, She’s All That, and Napoleon Dynamite are

Does anyone have any movie comparisons they would like to make? Who is most likely to arrive at the reunion in a helicopter? Have any of you made money in plastics? Which one of you has experienced a My Fair Lady-like makeover?

How has Dublin changed for you? Or, do you care?

This impending reunion thing has had me thinking about what Dublin and Dublin High School was like for us when we graduated, compared to today. Being one of those homers who still resides in Dublin, I’ve noticed that things have definitely changed around here.

For instance, there is the growth in housing/retail in existing neighborhoods and East Dublin, which was just starting to be developed when we left high school. What used to be a quick five minute ride across town now takes twenty minutes thanks to the increased downtown traffic. 1997 was also the year when the BART station opened in Dublin, not soon enough for those of us wanting to escape to the San Francisco and back without driving. Generally, though, the BART train has been a godsend for Tri-Valley commuters.

Dublin High School has also changed quite a bit. Fresh paint on the buildings, a lovely Dublin Gael mural gracing the gymnasium, and a brand new astro-turf football field with an all-weather track ringing the field. As an ex-track runner who scraped around the hard, often-flooded dirt track, I am very jealous of this development and wonder why this didn’t happen sooner.

While some of us have remained in Dublin/Tri-Valley area, there are a number of us who have long since moved away from here, for different reasons. Suburban angst? School, jobs, significant others? Maybe some of us hated it here and wanted to get away. Or some of us truly love this hometown.

Share your story. What does Dublin mean to you? What changes have you noticed around here? Or, do you care?

Missing Classmates!

This is a list of classmates we either haven't found or who have not yet registered on this site. If you know how to contact one of the people on this list, by all means invite them to join this site. And if one of them is you, what are you waiting for, sign up already!

These names are compiled from the official school roster. If you think somebody was left off, it was not intentional, just let us know.

Allen, Christian

Andish, Shamsia

Anglin, Adam

Anrig, Deandra

Aranda, Ricardo

Aranda, Rosa

Barnett, Eunice

Beretta, Bryan

Berry, Nickolas

Britton, Donald

Brown, Paige

Bunio, James

Burdock, Brett

Cardoza, Christopher

Cash, Jonah

Dhaliwal, Ravneet

Ellazar, Averie

Fedore, Carolyn

Fiel, Evangeline

Gaddi, Irene

Gilman, Daniel

Guevara, Jeffrey

Higley, James

Hunter, Melissa

Jackson, Maysha

Jemo, Brian

Kalirai, Hirdepreet

Locus, Kathryn

Loiseau, Tasha

Manske, Jennifer

Marques, Camila

McKinney, Michael

Monroe, Earl

Moran, Sean

Morrison, Douglas

Ngo, Nga

Nichols, Ahniwake

Odums, Demetres

O’Guinn, Lance

Parker, Ryan

Phillips, Todd

Phoumphavanh, Pouton

Po, Edward

Rabeneau, Christine

Rangel, Nicholas

Resendiz, Jose

Risner, Chad

Ruiz, Tatiana

Santos, Alyssa

Schneider, Casey

Sharma, Manjula

Shergill, Ratinder

Simms, John

Simone, Joel

Smith, Richard

Sountalavong, Pientong

Steffanauer, Shaun

Tao, Diem

Thomas, De’drienne

Turina, Ekaterina

Vo, Son

Wadleigh, William

Walia, Ramneesh

Wassel, Hawesta

Werner, Justin

Whitaker, Kenneth

Wise, Richard

Wuepper, Robert

Zekman, Michelle

Zelaya, Xiomara