A Mindblowing Reunion Experience

It’s been less than 24 hours since last night’s reunion, and my mind’s still spinning over the whole experience. To see the people we grew up with, in some cases since elementary school, together in a room after a ten year absence . . . all I can say is wow, unbelievable. I literally felt like I traveled back in time.

A huge THANK YOU to everybody who came; whether you showed up early for dinner or in the wee hours of the night, it was really you guys who made this reunion special.

More post-reunion wrap-ups to come. In the meantime, post your experience at the reunion, whether it was awesome or awkward, let’s hear about it. Also I’d love to hear a reportback on the after-party at Gallagher’s. Thanks again!

– Amy

[Update 8/21/07]: For those who couldn’t hear anything from the Radisson’s crappy microphone (sorry about that), here’s a list of our winners from Saturday night:

Self-nominated Award Winners:

Soizick Jaffre – Traveled the Furthest for the Reunion
Rachel Ranieri – Most Anticipated Appearance at the Reunion
Marisa DeMateo – Most Gregarious
Daniel Brodigan – Best Hair
Albert Daniel – Greenest Thumb
DHS Class of 97 (true identity unknown) – Best MySpace Page
Bryan Vann – Most Likely to Tumble Out of a Bus, Then Immediately Get Up and Say, “I’m Okay!”
Jordan Lamb – Most Likely to Say “I Love You Bro! Give Me a Hug!” During a Night Out
Lenny Douglas – Most Likely to Take Off Running in the Middle of a Party, Without Any Explanation as to Why He Did It
Paul Ruiz – Most Likely to Snap a Photo of You When You’re Assed Out After a Night of Clubbing

Katie Tracy Narron – Most Likely to Award Herself an Award (to be awarded post-reunion)
Laurel Witham Brennan – Cutest Kids (to be awarded post-reunion)

Raffle Prize Winners:

Alesha Gartner – BBQ Set (courtesy of Eleina Tayo)
Daisey Aydelott Lynam – Pop Art Toaster (courtesy of Amy Lam)
Kanwardip Mann – Margarita Glassware (courtesy of Eleina Tayo)
Sean Ogilvie – Blockbuster Gift Set (courtesy of Angela Clarke)
Lenny Douglas – Blockbuster Gift Set (courtesy of Angela Clarke)
Brendon Chapman – Plant Design by Cactus Island (courtesy of Albert Daniel)